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Our Relationship with Hogg Fuel & Supply Limited

Hogg Fuel & Supply Limited, originally known as the William Hogg Coal Company Limited, was founded in 1876 in the village of Waterloo, by William Hogg.  After William passed away, his sons, Leigh, Walter and Wilkie took over the business.

Years: 1876-1930

During the next five decades the company expanded and by 1930, they not only sold coal, but also wood, lime, and cement.  At the time employees were paid in cash at 30 cents an hour. Coal and wood were delivered by horse-drawn wagons or sleighs and coal sold for $12.50 a ton.  In 1935, the company started handling building supplies too.

After WWII…

Hogg Fuel and Supply Limited sold and delivered wood for stoves and furnaces and, until 1972, coal by the loose ton.  The change from coal and wood to oil started during WWII. At one time the company had two coal yards on Kitchener’s Victoria Street, a yard in Waterloo, and another in Cambridge.  Hogg was the last of the coal suppliers in Kitchener, and as late as 1975, was still selling fire place coal at $6.50 a bushel.

By 1951…

The company had entered the Ready Mix concrete business and by 1967 they were producing 16,000 fully-cured concrete blocks per day.  They owned a fleet of 23 Ready Mix trucks and sold a complete line of bricks, building blocks, shingles, gypsum products, plastering materials, flues, sewer pipe and ready mix concrete.


Hogg Fuel and Supply Limited was purchased by E&E Seegmiller Limited and Transit Petroleum was introduced to the region. 


Owned and operated by a member of the Seegmiller Family, today the company employs over 100 people in Waterloo Region and Greater Hamilton area.  It continues to supply a full line of Chevron and Private-Labelled Lubricants (Transit Lubricants), Ready Mix Concrete, Home Heating Services, Fuel Oil, and a complete line of Commercial Petroleum Products (Transit Petroleum).  The company also offers a network of seven commercial-fuel card lock facilities throughout the Tri-City, Guelph, and Hamilton areas.