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Transit Petroleum operates a fleet of fuel trucks based throughout Southern Ontario. As we continue to grow, we will be adding further trucks to our fleet to meet growing fueling needs and diverse customer service requirements. Our truck capacity ranges from 11,000L to 20,000L, minimizing the requirement to refuel during the day and evening delivery schedules.
  • Flexible coverage — We work on a schedule that benefits your fleet’s downtime
  • Direct-to-Tank — With available automated fuel level monitoring
  • Direct-to-Equipment — Including transit fleets and onsite off-road equipment
  • Emergency Infrastructure Programs — Our highly skilled drivers trained annually in spill containment and prevention

Why Choose Us

Transit Petroleum has been a trusted source for quality petroleum products in Ontario since 1972. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by our commitment to excellence. Our continued investment in new technologies and ongoing infrastructure improvements with the daily attentive service of our employees contributes to the increasing value experienced by our customers.

Our Partnership

Our customer-centric culture, and organizational structure means you’re getting the benefit of our extensive experience, resources, and professionalism
We assign an inside or outside sales representative to each customer along with a dedicated customer service representative to ensure rapid response times.
Proper storage and handling practices help ensure a safe environment and increase overall product integrity.

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