Local Business Helps Fuel ION in Waterloo Region

The Region of Waterloo released a video in early November which highlights the progress of the ION project in 2015 and what the community can expect in the coming year (featured below).

As a key fuel supplier to the construction efforts that are building the ION in Waterloo Region, we at Transit Petroleum are proud to be involved in such an important community development.

For those who do not know, Transit Petroleum is a division of Hogg Fuel and Supply, a company founded over 140 years ago right here in Waterloo.

Watching the area transform from horse-and-buggy transportation to the modern ION rail is not a claim many businesses can make, and that’s why we are grateful to be able to contribute to the continued improvement of our home town and the surrounding communities.

By providing on-site refuelling for a variety of construction vehicles on the project, we are minimizing any delays experienced in preparing and maintaining equipment.

That means progress can be made more quickly and efficiently!

The Story So Far

Learn the progress that’s been made, the plans for the future, and how the ION in Waterloo Region will impact us all in the coming years.

Watch the full official video with drone-flyover visuals of the progress:

Some key highlights from the project that are explained by Darshpreet Bhatti, The Region of Waterloo’s Director of Transit, are:

  • The first LRT rail track has been laid on Borden Avenue in Kitchener
  • The process of moving utilities form beneath roadways is almost complete
  • The construction of the infrastructure to house ION operations is underway and on track for completion next year

Bhatti also continues to reassure the community that while the construction requires co-operation from everyone in the Region, in the end we are receiving the dual benefit of improving our transit system while updating outdated infrastructure that was also in need of replacement.

You can find the full description of project benefits on the Waterloo Region website.